Marginal amateur of iconoclastic knickknack (seesaw kickshaws, cawing jackdaws, yawing hacksaws, scrimshaw gewgaws, thawed out tragic flaws, southpaw outlaws [and outlaw southpaws], straw guffaws, raw cat’s-paws, blue law hawkshaws, lantern jaw scofflaws), maik•s•trik is a senimalistic textualist, a rostral, inelegant, itinerant, imprudent, self-indulgent, irascible, and often inebriated fool for the involute and overwrought. In other words (vid. infra qua supra), a cynical, rude, mundane, pedantic poacher (jobber, bagger, drudge), for the pure unprofitable lexical pleasure of it, of unread promiscuous textwork (mss.) bereft of any possible social use and/or exchange value whatsoever, but not, if the roral oracle’s corpus ludorum be steadfast guide to this, for the nonce, logolept’s ludict, of the sort of faucal, vocal, labial, oral, and rhythmical divastigations (“avatars d’un noyau vital dont la divulgation s’affirmait tabou”) of which the jabbering phiz conjoined to the scribbling digit by way of the dabbling noggin’s tentacular rapacity is and/or are capable. A karmakāraka, in short, of miscellaneous Kunstprosa, various Ludict, and sundry Gesamtgeschlechtstkunstwerke-in-prog., viz., in no particular order:
Michael Sean Strickland
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Editions of the Movement for Sociophysiology and Schizomythology • Owlstain and Lutèce •
      • Towards a Schizomythology of Ritual
Nabokov’s Infernos
Schizomythology, promiscuous textuality, plagiary by anticipation •
“Avatars d’un noyau vital dont la divulgation s’affirmait tabou” •
Trio Misterioso
Manolo Rastrero, pianist composer; Rick and Djuma Kidjaki, seamen reedists guitarists percussionists; Lyra Keel, bassist contortionist; Ada Kidjaki, Inuhka Bloip, Ouida Willoughby Johnson et aliae, ἑταῖραι • triomisterioso.
The Institute of Sociophysiology • Founded in 1992 by “A Sestina of Polylexical Exiles” • Château Methuen, 11 Prospero Place Road, Owlstain, FZ 23632 •
International Meeting of Schizomythologists and Sociophysiologists •
Integrated Action Group of Indigent People •
A sociophysiological fabulation •
The Midwife’s Tale
Schizomaieutical Divastigations •
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